Body Image


Like many other women, I spend too much time thinking about my body image and this week has been particularly bad. Growing up, I was always a slender girl but as I hit puberty I grew curves and muscles that weren’t (and still aren’t) proportionate. For example, I have naturally toned arms and shoulders, but my abs and oblique’s hold more fat. My legs are strong, and my calves are defined, but I have no hips whatsoever! Because of this, there are days I choose to focus on parts of my body that I dislike and other days I focus on things I do like. Depending on the day, I can have a very skewed disposition about my body.

I’m blessed in that our society is now embracing “fit” bodies, which is totally attainable and a nice change! This week I’ve focused more making healthy food choices and working out than I have in a long time and still I’m looking at my “fit” board on Pinterest comparing my body to the ones in the photos. So when I have days that I’m not too happy with what I see, there are a few things I do to try to turn my thinking around.

1. Repeat the Mantra..You can’t have it all: Nobody’s perfect…seriously NOBODY. If you’ve got great legs, you may not have great hair…so what! There are people that would KILL for your legs! Focus on features you get complimented on and do the best you can to make them shine!

2. Your healthiest may not look like hers: Remind yourself that even if your body was in the best condition possible, you may not have the shape that you adore on someone else. Your body is unique to you so focus on being the healthiest you can be and embrace what that looks like.

3. Looks are temporary: We are all aging, and that’s a good thing! If you’re not aging you’re dead. The body goes through so many changes over time that you have to embrace the fact that the way you look now may be the best you will ever look in your life. Use that mentality to enjoy who you are in the moment.

4. Compliment!: If you see someone that has a body you would kill for…tell them! Complimenting exudes confidence and confidence is sexy! Believe it or not, complimenting others instead of envying them is a huge boost in mood!

5. Put down the electronic devices: Think about what life would be like if you didn’t have a television, phone or computer. There wouldn’t be many advertisements or images of “ideal” body images around and there would be more time to focus on living your life. Get into a hippie mindset and think about the bigger picture. A beautiful day, the ability to see family and friends and your good health.




3 Replies to “Body Image”

  1. I swear every single time I pick up my phone or my laptop to do work either for my Blog Youtube channel or my real job, I think I can feel myself getting fatter. It’s such a huge part of our lives now I completely agree that we need to learn to put it down.


  2. Really great post. I’ve always had slender arms, legs and hips, but my core is thicker. It took me a long time to realize that I was never ever going to have a flat tummy and that’s okay


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