Beholding Beauty


Yesterday, after 4pm I was a rock. I literally stripped down to my knickers and took a nap that turned into sleeping through the night. It was a compete recharge! I felt incredibly rested when I woke at about 5:30 this morning and since I had some free time before I had to begin getting ready for work, I began pinning on my boards which is one of my favorite things to do to kill time. I, like many of you am totally obsessed with my Pinterest boards. I love looking through them for inspiration in all things. One of my favorite boards is titled “Beauty.” This board started with flowers and colorful images and somehow evolved into photos of beautiful people. I love this board because when I go back through it I see how diverse my idea of beauty is.

From freckles to fair skin, gray hair to wild curls.. I wanted to use this post to recognize those of us who embrace what we have and make it beautiful! Do me a favor and embrace your own beauty and if you see a beautiful person out and about…compliment them!

Sidenote: Since I’m out and about in the city most of the day, I want to take photos of real life people that inspire me, but I don’t want to seem like a psycho! Any ideas on the best approach? What would someone have to say for you to allow them to take a photo of you?







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