Weekend Reading


Is it me, or are the weeks flying by? Another Friday, another reason to celebrate life and a week of hard work! This weekend I’m dogsitting for three sweet pups while bae is living it up in New Orleans! The weather will be nice, and I’m sure friends of mine are breaking out delicious grilled food for memorial day. I hope you all enjoy this LONG weekend as much as I will. I want to hear more of what you are doing! If you find yourself having some spare time, check out these links. Cheers!

1. Should you wash clothes before you wear them? – Today (I never do, but maybe I should, eek!)

2. Another reason why I have always wanted freckles – Huffington Post

3. The best new drugstore beauty products – Allure (Of course, I want them all!)

4. How to motivate yourself to work out – Huffington Post (I NEED this!)

5. Skincare & Snack advice from a VS Angel – Style.com

6. Rainy Day Beauty Essentials – Health.com

7. 5 Ways to make your eye makeup stay put! – Cosmo.com

8. Awesome gift for a beauty enthusiast – Uncommongoods

9. An app that evaluates the fleekness of brows? – xobeauty

10. Beauty compilation from last weeks Billboard Music Awards – Popsugar



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