Green Machine



If you read my post almost two weeks ago about my beauty haul at Marshalls, you may remember that I picked up an “oops” item. It was a Maybelline gel eyeliner and since I’ve developed a habit of collecting them, picked it up instantly. When I got home I realized that the liner wasn’t black at was green! green?! of all colors, I couldn’t believe I picked up a green gel liner. That has to be a product that I would never fathom using. I only own a couple (literally two) green pieces in my wardrobe and it’s not a color that I’m generally attracted to. But since I purchased it, I wondered how I could make the color work. I dug in my makeup case for anything green I could find.

I found a super old drugstore palette with green hues that was so old that I’m not sure of the brand! I also remembered that I  scored a green eyeliner in my April Glossybox. So I put the three together to try to create a non-dramatic look to wear during the day. The idea of a dramatic green look was too much for me to handle!

image (1)

For this look, I took the deepest green in this pallete and decided to work only with that color. I used a MAC 224 brush and applied the color to my lid and just buffed it up into my crease. One color, one brush. Then I used the Julep Gel Eye Glider in Olive from my Glossybox in my waterline and the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Duo Glossy Liquid Liner in Polished Green to my lids. I finished the look with a couple coats of mascara (no falsies) on my top and bottom lashes. I ended up really liking this look and I didn’t feel it was too much for daytime. I may have been missing out by not trying green products!


5 Replies to “Green Machine”

      1. I’m still trying to find the right foundation for my skin type at the moment, my skin tends to get dry in winter and we are moving into winter at the moment in New Zealand. 😊x


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