Long Hair Don’t Care


My hair and I have had the rockiest of all relationships. I have been experimenting with my hair since I was a pre-teen and it seems like I’m always moving on to a new obsession. A few months ago, I fell in love with the “lob” and I had to have one. As I’ve mentioned before, I use extensions to protect my hair from daily humidity and heat damage so I chopped my extensions into a lob that I’ve been loving.

But the hair spirit has come over me…I am now craving long locks. I’ve worn long extensions before, but the longest I as able to commit to was 12 inches which is right below my collarbone. This time, I want to go for 16 inch hair! Even though it’s hot and humid out, I’m loving the idea of loose waves, long fishtail braids and hair flips!




3 Comments Add yours

  1. V says:

    Go for it! I love long hair and extensions are so fun for switching up your look


  2. Oh lordy my hair is halfway down my back and I STILL wear extensions sometimes. I wore 22″ for my wedding :S


  3. tarahsaint says:

    I feel ya! I’m a sucker for long hair haha


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