Creating a Signature Look


Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. I had an eventful one and while summing it all up last night I realized something. During the week I get super excited at the idea of trying new products or going a little more dramatic with my makeup for the weekend but always end up reverting to one look. No matter what’s  going on, I feel the most confident with neutral eyes, winged eyeliner and pink lipstick. It’s my signature look.

Creating a signature look is not only a fantastic way to boost confidence, but also a way to show off the best version of yourself. Think about it, all icons have signature looks. Marilyn Monroe and her iconic blonde locks, Beyoncé and her blonde ambition and Jlo with her unmatched bronzing ability. Take some time and think about what makes you feel most confident and create a look that’s your own!

If you are unsure about what makes you feel your “best” going to a makeup counter (or several) can help. It’s nice to see how other artists see you and which of your features inspire them. I once went to get my makeup done for a party and the artist complimented my eyes saying  she could use “any” color on them. Now she may very well say this to all of her clients as flattery is the best way to sell products, but she gave me the confidence to try different colors and not feel like a clown.

 Take chances, and find your look! If you have one already, what is it?


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