Weekend Reading


Friday again already?! This week zoomed by but I welcome my favorite day of the week with open arms. I’m spending this weekend re-introducing my body to the gym, folding a mountain of laundry and treating my baby brother to lunch at his favorite restaurant. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and click on some links in the meantime.

1. How to Choose an Ethical Nail Salon – Allure

2. Photographic Eye Candy for those that Love Summer – Huffington Post

3. 15 Delicious Mocktail Recipes – The Kitchn (Since I’m on an alcohol detox)

4. A New Gel Moisturizer I’m Dying to Try – Stage Stores (A possible solution to the woes of moisturizing oily skin)

5. Swimwear for the Full Busted – Asos (Go Asos!)

6. The Mystery Behind the Salad the Kardashians are Eating – Yahoo!

7. What to Eat First Thing in the Morning – SELF

8. Live in or Visiting a Big City and want to Spot a Celeb? Eat Here – People

9. 13 Pieces, One Entire Wardrobe – Real Simple

10. The Best Smelling Bar Soap I’ve Ever Tried – S.O.A.P. (Thus Far!)



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