Weekend Beauty Buys


Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was filled with laughs and relaxation. Mine was the perfect mixture of both. On Saturday the shopping gods were ruling in my favor (bae hates shopping) and I was able to cruise the beauty isles at Marshalls which I have been totally obsessed with doing lately and scored some goodies. This was a GOOD haul! I am in love with everything I got, and I only spent about $30. I’m so excited to try these products this week!

1. Butter London Nail Color in Bobby Dazzler – Only $4.00 at Marshalls

2. Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat (Not Pictured) – Also $4.00 at Marshalls.. I had been looking all over for this!

3. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Duo Glossy Liquid Liner – $3.00 at Marshalls. I must admit I didn’t pay attention to the color. It thought it was black, but I purchased the “Polished Green” shade. I now must create a look where green liquid liner is present. PROJECT!

4. Arad Eye Contour Balm – $7.00 at Marshalls. I haven’t tried this yet, but it has the consistency of a very thick cream and I love that!

5. Absolute New York You’re the Balm Lip Duo – $5.00 at Marshalls (same price as Ulta) How cute! Fruity potted balms for my purse.

6. NYX Black Label Lipstick – $3.00 at Marshalls. Did you know that NYX had “Black Label” lipstick? Me either. I found the link to the NYX UK site.

7. Dead Sea Elements Dead Sea Spa Treatment Masks – $5.00 at Marshalls. I tried one of these last night..OMG! Although it was a little difficult to get out of the packaging, the mask really did leave my skin feeling wonderful. It’s thin material, and drenched in serum. I really loved it!

8. Summer Day Dreams Hand Soap in Ocean – I couldn’t find a link to this, but I decided to switch from liquid hand soap and try this foam. It has a very clean smell and doesn’t leave my hands feeling like sandpaper.


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