Weekend Reading


We made it another week! Time to sleep in, get a workout in, tidy the house and enjoy time with friends and family. Mothers Day is this Sunday so I am prepping for a fabulous brunch that I throw every year for my mom, aunt and grandmother. I hope you all enjoy your weekend to the fullest. Enjoy some fun reading along the way will ya?

1. 9 Neat Reasons Messy Girls Make the Best GFs – MTV News –  Because I have messy tendencies and I’m married to a neat freak.

2. What True Love Really Looks Like – Higher Perspectives – This just made me gush!

3. Glam Mom Mothers Day Gifts – Us Weekly

4. The 2-step solution to spring clean your makeup bag – Today

5. 6 Beauty Quick Fixes when Spring Allergies Attack – Health

6. Magical Beauty Products – Byrdie

7.  Nutritionists Share what they would order at McDonalds – CNN

8. How to Balance your work and personal life – BET

9. How to make your false eyelashes look natural – Cosmopolitan

10. 15 Beauty Buys to revive you from a good cry! – Style Blazer



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