Selfie Life


If anyone is a fan of coffee table reads you may have heard about the Kim Kardashian Selfie book that is hitting the shelves this week. The “queen” of selfies is taking what was going to be a gift to her hubby and making it a gift for everyone interested. As with any business venture of hers, she is slated to make millions off of what we do every day.

This got me thinking about how taking your own photo has become an “art.” If anyone was to look at the photos that I’ve trashed on my phone and saw the number of selfies I have taken they may tag me as a narcissist or completely self-absorbed. The truth is, because I have a beauty blog and I can’t stand the idea of asking others to take photos of me, ‘m having lots of practice with perfecting my angles.

I know I won’t make millions from my shots, but as I continue to practice, I thought I’d share tips on how to improve your selfie game.

1. Identify whether your camera is better used front or back facing.

This is really a two part tip. You have to not only identify which camera results in a sharper image but also which you have better angle control over. I tend to use my front facing camera more because I don’t like the idea of not being able to see what I look like before I capture the image. However, I do see lots of bloggers who use the back camera and find that more flattering because the lens is not so close to the face.

2. Make sure your lens/screen is clean.

So nobody likes a grainy image and since your phone can harbor more dirt and oil than a pillowcase, it’s important to ensure it’s clean for a crisp image. It will do you good to purchase wipes to run over your screen beforehand. These are scented with rosemary and peppermint. mmmm!

3. Try to find natural light.

So this is a tip that I picked up on recently. I used to take selfies in my bathroom all the time because I thought having the bright overhead lights worked in my favor..wrong! There is no better light than natural sunlight so stand near a window to get the perfect shot. Just be sure to have the light in front of you and don’t hold the camera too high as it can create under eye shadows.

 4. Hold the camera slightly above eye level.

There’s no secret that this angle flatters all face shapes. It creates a more defined jaw line and also highlights the cheekbones. I also tend to turn my head slightly to the right or left. For some reason I am not a fan of how I look with a front facing stare and unless you have a very symmetrical face you probably feel the same way! Just be careful not to hold the phone too high because you risk the photo looking unnatural.

5. Filter!

Filtering is totally optional, but I love the idea of adding an ethereal feel to a photo with a brightening filter. Right now I am loving “Aden” and “Valencia” on Instagram. I also love the “Slumber” filter! It makes me look like a bronze goddess! Your phone may also have retouching software which is also an option especially if the only thing standing between you and the perfect shot is a blemish.

The bottom line is, take several hundred photos until you find the one you love and until you master your craft. That way, when an impromptu selfie moment arises, you know you’ll nail the shot!


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