Blunder turned Wonder


So I have been battling with dry skin for a few months now. Before I just thought it was the typical “dry winter skin” that comes and goes as the weather warms. But because I hadn’t been moisturizing my body properly I was noticing that my skin was lackluster and my feet were on the dry side (yuck!) I’ve always wanted to try Aquaphor as a body moisturizer but was always put off by the $15 price tag at the drugstore, so I went with the drugstore brand. This time, I was determined to get it and heal my skin.

I picked up a jar of moisturizer and completely ignoring the word “ointment” thinking I was about to indulge my skin into a heavy duty cream moisturizer. When I got home I realized I had an ointment that seemed like it would be better for tattoo care. Because I have some rare disease that prevents me from returning products to the store, I slathered it on my damp skin after the shower.

Although I felt a tad greasy after applying, after a week of use I noticed that my skin (feet especially) were softer and had appeared vibrant. I also use a bit on my cuticles to keep hangnails at bay. I am going to continue to use this after showering but I think I’ve found a more effective alternative to lotion! If you do try this, be sure to rub the ointment between your hands for a few seconds to warm the product before applying so that it spreads easier on skin.


One Reply to “Blunder turned Wonder”

  1. Great post!!! As ssomeone who is allergic to just about every lotion (even those that claim to be organic) and body moisturizer under the sun, with the exception of coconut oil, this stuff works wonder! Goes on greasy but soaks in to the skin a lot faster than coconut oil and that I love. Thanks for the product recommendation ma’am!!! 🙂


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